5 Ways To Make A Home That Heals

There’s nothing like coming back to a warm home after a cold winter day (except maybe when your heat is not working like mine right now!). Chronic pain can make us spend more time in our home than we otherwise might. Walking in the door should feel like a warm hug from an old friend. Here’s some tips on how we can bring some happy, healing energy into our homes.

1. Aromatherapy

Get a diffuser to dispense your favorite scent. It’s nice to have one by your entryway so you are welcomed into your home by some relaxing smells. You can easily DIY a lavender spray to cleanse your environment and leave a soothing scent. Here’s how. Lavender has been known to relieve anxiety and reduce pain among many other benefits.

2. Relaxing Music

Music brings up the feels. Music has the power to pump us up, chill us out, or even make us tear up every now and again (no? just me?). The right playlist can help us let go of the worries of your day and focus on the important stuff, like self care. Finding the Majestic Casual playlist (also on YouTube) changed my music world in the best way – maybe it will for you too.

3. Mood Lights

Minimize harsh, artificial lights. Light candles (preferably ones that align with your favorite aromatherapy oils!). Again, lavender is my favorite, but personally I am also drawn to Vanilla. See what resonates with you. My current, and very seasonal obsession is Spiced Pumpkin from P.F. Candle Co.  String lights and switching to soft white light bulbs helps too.

4. Bring the Outside In

Some of us cannot tolerate fresh flowers or plants in our home due to allergies but there are other ways to incorporate outdoor elements into your décor. This could be done with wood based furniture and accents. Note: there are some flowers that have a lower pollen count such as tulips and roses. Houseplants can also be a good option but be careful to ensure that the soil stays free from dust and mold, two very common allergy triggers. Some houseplants are even thought to reduce air pollution. Bonus! Learn more here.

5. A Favorite Spot

Whether it is a chair, a nook, or a window seat. Your spot needs to be comfortable for you to enjoy brief periods of restoration and relaxation. For me personally, I can’t comfortably stay in any one position for long but a supportive armchair seems to feel the best—of course with a fluffy blanket to keep me warm.

Things That Can Suck The Life Out Of Your Home

1. Your Cell Phone

Duh. I think we all have read somewhere by now that staring at that little screen is not the best to unwind OR be present in the moment. Put your phone aside as much as you can. Pick up a book, knit some warm socks, sip some teas—your brain will thank you and hopefully you will sleep a little better too.

2. Clutter

There is no true joy that is brought from material possessions. Remember that. Do not underestimate the anxiety that can be brought on by having too many things, many of which we don’t need or even enjoy. There are whole books about this- it’s key!

We don’t have power over everything—chaos is inevitable and a part of life but small changes to your living space can help you relax, unwind and get better sleep. Stay cozy!

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