Hi and welcome to the chronic lifestyle!

My name is Ashley. I’m glad you are here and taking steps with me toward a happier, healthier life. A life with less chronic pain.

First and foremost, I want you to leave here knowing that you are NOT alone. The sad truth is that there are millions of us out here, gritting our teeth, gutting it out, and pushing through daily pain. The good news is: we all have a story to tell, a shoulder to cry on, and a joke to make each other laugh during tough times.

But here’s some real talk: living with chronic pain can be SUPER lame. Spending hours in the doctor’s office, being asked the same questions in the same condescending tone, and undergoing a slew of medical tests does not make for a fun day. It would all be worth it if those appointments ended with a diagnosis. Or better yet a game plan. I’m talking real steps to reduce the pain that brought you to their office in the first place.

Raise your hand if you received such a game plan? No? Me either.

Why I created The Chronic Lifestyle

I have been dealing with chronic pain for a decade. I have had some great doctors and some pretty lame ones. I have undergone medical treatments that have provided me temporary relief. I have been given some decent advice. But I have never been given the support and guidance that I needed for sustainable chronic pain management.

The struggle was REAL. I aimlessly tried various diets, exercise routines and many forms of complementary medicine, without much consistency and therefore without any real success.

I knew that to make strides in managing my pain, I needed an action plan. So, I did what any consumer who is equal parts motivated and fed-up would do: I made a plan for myself. And now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with you.

If you would like to learn more about my story living with chronic pain here.

What do I know, anyway?

As I’ve mentioned, I walk the walk. I know first hand what it is like to live with chronic pain. I also have learned to talk the talk through extensive and ongoing research in the realm of chronic pain.

Also, fun fact! I’m a physical therapist and a certified nutrition coach. I have extensive training in chronic pain management and pelvic health physical therapy. I have helped many clients find the right tools to help reduce their chronic pain in the clinic and I am so excited to share those tools with you here.

You are in the right place if:
  • You want to better understand chronic pain: what it is and whyyyy won’t it stop?
  • You understand that chronic pain should not define your life
  • You want to learn more about complementary medicine and how it can help
  • You feel lost among the many, many diets out there, unsure what to chose
  • You want to exercise, but are not sure what will be safe for your body
  • You desire happiness and purpose – the reasons we are all here in the first place!
  • You want to connect with other chronic pain warriors like yourself

All are welcome on this site regardless of age, gender identity, or where you are in your chronic pain journey.

Find your formula

The site was created to help you create a specific plan to help you, yes you, manage your chronic pain symptoms. Here at The Chronic Lifestyle, we offer free resources including our blog which provides, free, in-depth resources for chronic pain warriors.

By joining our membership site (coming soon!), The Chronic Lifestyle Club, you will get access to comprehensive resources on the latest in chronic pain science and management, diet strategies and menus, exercise plans appropriate for chronic pain warriors, information on complementary health options and a community forum for discussion and support.

Thanks for stopping by!

Although living with chronic pain is not fun, at the end of the day it is now part of our story. Together we can find ways to laugh more, cry when we gotta, and lift each other up to our highest potential.

And now for the boring stuff: before enjoying all that this site has to offer, please take a moment to read a brief disclaimer regarding the content of this blog and our privacy policy and terms .

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